Monday, March 14, 2016

Why this blog exists

This blog has existed since 2008 - at that time when you googled "Gail Benoit" and nothing would come up - so if someone would doing their due diligence when searching for a puppy - and they searched out Gail's name on the internet - they wouldn't be warned that a puppy they might buy from Gail Benoit or Dana Bailey might not be the most healthy, fluffy puppy they had hoped for.

As a person involved in the dog advocate community in Nova Scotia - as one of many people involved in the dog advocate and dog rescue community in Nova Scotia - that used to bother people - and the owner of this blog - had the tools and the ability to do something about that - so in late 2008 - was born.

This blog used to be a stand alone website - it has only moved to blogger in 2016 - before that it used to be a static website - but I got tired of paying website fees when I didn't have to - so I moved it to Blogger and it's much prettier now and it's easier to organize and easier to update.

The only thing this blog contains is factual evidence - reposting of news articles about Gail Benoit and also links to blog posts from another blog that I have that are basically just talking about news articles when Gail was in the news - nothing else - nothing harassing - just factual.

If you see a news article that isn't mentioned on this blog - you can email me at and I'll add it to the blog!

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