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Information Compiled about Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey

Gail Benoit was sentenced January 27, 2017 for failing to supply a health certificate when she sold 2 kittens in 2016 to someone who had never heard about her - she was sentenced to one year of probation and she's prohibited from possessing or having the care of any animals for the next 5 years except for the 3 personal dogs that she currently owns.

Until January 2022 - she cannot sell cats or dogs - if you come into contact with Gail Benoit - please contact the NS SPCA at 

1-888-703-7722 and register a complaint immediately.


As of the end of November, 2015 - Gail Benoit has been pretty quiet.  We don't know if it's because she's gotten out of the business of brokering puppies - it's hard to believe this is true, because under oath at one of her trials she said under oath "I sell puppies, I always have and I always will" - so I cannot believe that this is still not her career.

Maybe now she's learned the husbandry behind keeping puppies healthy and she's now selling a healthy product - and maybe that's not too bad - I don't know - but I think we still need a buyer beware about these kinds of businesses - so that' why this website still exists almost 10 years after I began it - so that when someone googles her name - a website comes up so that people can educate themselves on whether purchasing a puppy through a venue like this is a good idea.

When you are looking for a puppy you should do lots of research, decide what breed is the right one for you - what's your lifestyle is like - are you going to give him exercise everyday? Do you have a fenced back yard?How much can you afford for dog food if he turns out to have allergies? Maybe you want to look into buying a rescue dog where he'll already come with all his needles and be spayed or neutered and you won't have to worry about having all that done.

If you choose to go with the purebred dog - make sure that you get to meet both parents, that you don't buy them before they're eight weeks old, and that the breeder gives you a contract with a lifetime guarantee - if at any time in the dogs life you can't keep him - he doesn't go anywhere but back to the breeder - you don't have to worry about having to find him a home - that gives the breeder no worries that their babies don't go anywhere and gives you peace of mind - a lot of rescues also offer that guarantee - which shows you that it's also a responsible rescue.

So saying all that dog brokers offer none of that - a lifetime guarantee, a dog who has already been spayed or neutered - or a dog that's had any immunizations - all they want is your money - they're just glad that the puppyhas stay alive long enough for them to get in your car - and that's not the kind of puppy you want - you are signing yourself up for a lifetime of vet bills, poor genetics and probably behavioural problems because they've been treated so poorly in their short life.

So read below the history of one dog broker in Nova Scotia - and know that they are not the way to go when you are looking into getting the next canine companion that hopefully will share your bed for the next 15 - 20 years.


NOTE - If you have arrived here because you have bought a puppy from who you believe may be the Benoits and it is currently sick and or dying - it's probably because it has a virus called parvo.

 Your puppy does NOT have to die!!! You need to IMMEDIATELY start treating your puppy!! You need to get to a vet immediately - but while you are on your way to vet, there are internet sites you can go to where you can find information - "homemade parvo treatment", read about how another dog lived through parvo, and read about the veterinary illness and treatment from a vets perspective.\

 Note: All the photos of puppies and dogs on this page are of puppies that have died after having been sold to unsuspecting people by Dana Bailey and Gail Benoit

For up to date stories of the Benoit's - look below at the listings of blog posts -

In 2013 - Gail Benoit was accused of stealing 2 boxer dogs that she had agreed to board for a lady named Cassie Craft - she later sold them to separate people and was charged for theft - and convicted of that crime in June 2013 - she was sentenced to 15 months probation, fined $300 and prohibited from owning, or selling animals for 15 months - here is an article from the Chronicle Herald - and a news piece from CTV News

On December 13th, 2010 - charges of animal cruelty against Dana Bailey and Gail Benoit - stemming from puppies that they sold in the summer of 2008 to several people from puppies that they bought from a puppy mill in New Brunswick called "Chapman Kennels" - were dropped - citing "lack of evidence" by the crown attorney's office.

The puppies that they sold to the public did in fact die of parvo after they sold them - but the question is - where did the parvo come from - and who's fault is the puppies' death?

It seems we learned today that selling dogs to the public with parvo is not in fact animal cruelty - it is just really poor business practice - or as the crown attorney Rosalind Michie said to CTV news - it was a "point of sale issue".

So as with any purchase - if you are going to buy a puppy in a parking lot or out of the back of a car - BUYER BEWARE - you may be buying a puppy with a disease that it is going to die from within the next several hours or couple of days - and like the people who bought the puppies from Dana Bailey and Gail Benoit in the summer of 2008 - your puppy may die - and you may not even get your money refunded to you.

 Take this as a caution. Read below of other factual news stories that have been written in the last 10 years that are in the public domain about this subject, and make the decisions you need to make for yourself when purchasing your next canine life companion - whether you choose to go the route of responsible breeder, rescue, or parking lot purchase.

This website is for educational purposes only.

On May 15, 2010 - a peaceful protest was held in the middle of Halifax to let people know that the Benoit's have moved to the Halifax area - so people should be on the look out if they are looking for a puppy that they shop very carefully and make sure that they only deal with reputable breeders and do their homework - you can find out some great tips that were handed out to passers-bys at the protest at a blog post that was written after the event.

On April 19th, 2010 - CTV News did a news story on Gail Benoit - 2 people had come forward claiming they had bought puppies from her - that had become ill, were not the breed that Gail had claimed they were (husky puppies), and were younger than Gail had said they were. When asked to comment - Dana Bailey said they were healthy when they sold the puppies, that they were licenced to sell puppies in Nova Scotia - and that they would continue to sell puppies.

You can see the news video at -

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDIA ALERT SPCA warns public to be cautious about puppy brokers Nova Scotia

(April 19, 2010) – The SPCA has been busy over the last several weeks attending to complaints and concerns regarding puppies sold to unsuspecting owners who learn after the fact that they have acquired an animal that is sick, has not been screened or tested for illness or disease, or received any vaccinations. In some cases, the animals are less than 6-8 weeks old.

The SPCA is appealing to the public to both report cases that involve suspected activity whereby an animal may be in distress or a transaction appears questionable. Puppy brokers often set up in parking lots, market places or will even use on-line classifieds. The SPCA further reminds the public to always ask for vaccination records, health history, breeding history and registration information.

Reputable breeders will often want you to meet the potential owner in person and will always furnish a prospective buyer with background and health information and will welcome you to their home or breeding facility. To report about questionable puppy broker activities or animal cruelty call 1-888-703-7722.

In 2009K-Rock in the Valley reported:  "After numerous delays a trial date has finally been set for a Digby County couple facing animal cruelty charges. Five days have been set aside next October for the trial of Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey. The two have made headlines over the years for running a puppy mill and have previously been convicted of animal cruelty charges. A former customer, Esther Smith, whose dog died hours after it was bought, says they shouldn't even be allowed to own a goldfish when this is over."

As well - in a post from October, 2009 - a blog published all the interesting bits from the court transcripts from Gail Benoit's trial in October and November, 2008 - it's a must read post - you can check it out at It has been reported that Gail Benoit and her husband continue to sell puppies on the internet while she waits to go to trial in 2010 - so buyer beware on the internet when you are looking for your next companion animal.

Always ask to see the parents of the puppy that you are buying, check that you are dealing with a responsible breeder, when given the opportunity - or if you feel inclined - seek out a responsible rescue - and save a life rather than buying a puppy. That way you are saving 2 lives - the dog you buy, and the dog who will come in shortly to fill the cage you have just made vacant. If you choose to buy a puppy or dog in a parking lot - document as much as you can - when you call the NS SPCA to complain - they'll need all the evidence you can provide to them.

Update - April 4th, 2009 - Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey are found guilty on charges of animal cruelty and one charge of assault in late January, 2009 - stemming from an incident on October 26, 2007 with special constable Nancy Noel of the NS SPCA. Sentencing will be heard on April 9th, 2009. 

These charges were from puppies seized from the Benoit's in October 2007 that were malnourished and infested with parasites. There are still more charges pending against the couple - more charges have been laid against the couple that stem from puppies that died in the summer of 2008 - those charges will be heard next in court on February 16, 2009.

An article on April 9, 2009 is available on Nova News Now at "Gail Benoit Gets Jail Time for Assault in 2007" Dog from puppy mill where Gail Benoit gets her dogs

 No one knows how long Dana Bailey and Gail Benoit have been selling sick and dying puppies to unknowing Atlantic Canadians - at least since 2001 - because in 2001 they were charged with Animal Cruelty - at which time they were convicted and banned from owning animals.

However that conviction was overturned on a technicality and they've been able to continue to operate until thhe winter of 2009 - when they are back in the news again - they are currently once again charged with animal cruelty charges and were due back in court at the end of January 2009 to hear the results of their trial on animal cruelty - meanwhile they are continuing to sell pain and suffering to an unsuspecting public.

All of these court appearances and charges in 2008 and 2009 relate to actions they did in the summer of 2008 they bought 27 puppies from a back yard breeder in New Brunswick at much too young an age, keeping them minimally alive until they could get money for them - and then the puppies died within 24 hours of purchase. Of the 27 puppies they bought from Chapman Kennels in Kilburn New Brunswick - 22 puppies died. Some of these dead puppies have resulted in a further 4 charges each of animal cruelty for Ms. Benoit and Mr. Bailey - 2 federal and 2 provincial. It's unknown when they'll be going to court to face the charges. In January, 2009 they were in the news with the death of a chihuauaua here in the HRM.

Those charges in 2007 and 2008 related to some puppies in their possession that had bloated bellies - and while the SPCA were onsite doing a wellness check - Ms Benoit chose to assault one of the SPCA officers - leading to an additional charge of assault - for that charge Ms. Benoit did actually eventually go to jail for 30 days.

The Benoit's went back to court October 23, and 24th 2008 and then November 3rd and 4th 2008 to finish their trial from charges filed for puppies they had seized from them October 2007. The Digby Courier published a story on November 4th about them, and CTV news did a story on them on November 4th as well. As well - there were people in the court room watching testimony - and some of what Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey said was pretty funny

As well in October - there was a very successful protest held down in Digby Nova Scotia - the town where Gail Benoit actually lives - trying to get people to not buy puppies from people selling them in parking lots or the back trunks of their cars. CTV news also covered that protest and a news story was generated from that. And outside the court on November 4th, 2008 - Ms. Benoit was doing a bit of performing - so because of that it gave the opportunity to make a short video that is called the "Benoit rap" video. Please enjoy it for a moment...

The Benoit's were in the news in late September 2008 - just in time before their trial begins in October 2008 - they were in the news about selling a puppy who died of Parvo - the story was on CTV news - and you can see it taped on You Tube - here - when will this stop and the NS SPCA will finally act to have this couple and Puppies R Us shut down? Who knows...... 

If you have bought a sick or dying puppy from who you believe it is either Gail Benoit or Dana Bailey - you should first deal with your sick animal, you should then kick yourself firmly in the ass for buying an animal in a parking lot or out of the back of a car. 

That is not a good way to purchase a living thing that's supposed to be sharing your bed for the next 15-18 years. You should then contact the contact the Nova Scotia SPCA - and document the illness. Number one - get the puppy proper veterinary care! And THEN contact the NS SPCA by calling 1-888-703-7722

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If you go to the "Courts of Nova Scotia" website and search for court cases under "Benoit" you come up with some interesting results - one of which is from 2011 when the Benoit's appealed their conviction for animal abuse - their appeal was denied - but it details the conditions that the puppies in their care were found in - the puppies that are waiting to be sold by them. It says - "that...puppies were without food or water, were in a cardboard box and covered with urine and feces, and had distended bellies with splayed legs and their backbones were showing.....the puppies were emaciated with rib cage, backbone and hip bones evident, and had bloated bellies. A fecal examination showed infestation with round worms, giardia and coccidia. Giardia is a parasite that causes extreme diarrhea and abdominal cramping.

The puppies had a significant worm load, their abdomens so distended they could barely stand. Yet they were thin with little muscle mass, because the parasites intercepted the nutrition." That is how the puppies in the Benoit`s care have been found to be treated by them. So it`s no wonder that there is such a high mortality rate.

There is quite a bit of You Tube Video available now on Gail -
Gail Benoit`s Voice Mails
Global News talks about a sick dog sold by Gail Benoit - January 16, 2009
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Gail Benoit doesn't want to talk to the media in November 2007 
Gail Benoit in trial December 2007 - October 2007
January 2013 - Gail Benoit is accused of stealing 2 boxer dogs from owner in New Brunswick - CTV News

If you want to see what their postings on Kijiji look like - here are a couple
- on November 8, 2008 there is a posting on Kijiji Fredericton -
a pdf of it is at - this posting was made AFTER her cruelty trial wrapped up!!

a posting from Kijiji Halifax - they're advertising chihuahuas as "show quality" - and their mommy and daddy are "great little doggies"
- $900.00 a posting from Kijiji Moncton - toy "Pom" puppies - look like little foxes! Isn't that cute!
- $600.00 a posting from Kijiji St. John's (Newfoundland) - little mini "weiner dog" - $800.00

Do you wonder why the Benoit's conviction in 2002 - when they were convicted of animal cruelty and banned from owning animals - was overturned on appeal? That decision is actually online and you can read it. It's at and you can download the pdf of the decision as well. It's very good reading - especially for their upcoming court appearance - because it really shows what the NS SPCA needs to do in order to get them convicted this time - and for the conviction this time TO STICK. Dana Bailey

This is Dana Bailey - the male of the duo. Here is his file on "Pet"

 This is Gail Benoit - the female of the duo Here is her file on "Pet"

Some interesting things we've learned in the last few weeks by reading newspaper articles and hearing first hand accounts of people who have bought puppies from the Benoit's they use photocopied vaccination papers from vets offices to try and make the puppies they're selling look like they're healthy puppies they're selling (see post here)

They will use every kijiji city to post their ads. We've found kijiji postings with their phone numbers in Halifax, St. Johns (Newfoundland), and Moncton they will lower the price for the puppies once they realize that the buyer knows the puppy is sick they think they have no culpability in the death of the puppies because they're only "buying and selling" the puppies - not breeding them - they don't take into consideration the fact that they're supposed to be keeping them healthy while they're preparing to sell them it took her approximately 2 weeks between when her story first hit the news and when it died down before she started selling puppies again.

Here are the newspaper articles from previous years - you need adobe acrobat to read some of them:

January 2017 - Gail Benoit sentenced for selling kittens without health certificates
November 2016 - Gail Benoit to be sentenced on latest charges in January 2017 for selling kittens without a health certificate
March 2016 - Animal Abuser Gail Benoit selling pets online again warns Kijiji
March 2016 - NS Man unwitting customer of animal cruelty offender Gail Benoit
June 2014 - Gail Benoit gets 15 months probation for stealing dogs
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July 2013 - Pet seller barred from owning or selling dogs
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February 2013 - Woman claims Gail Benoit tried to take her puppies
January 2013 - Woman claims pet sitter sold her pets without her permission
From January 30, 2009 -- Puppy sellers convicted of animal cruelty
From January 29, 2009 - Nova Scotia couple guilty in animal cruelty case
From January 29, 2009 - Benoit, Bailey guilty of cruelty, assault
From January 29, 2009 - puppy brokers found guilty of animal cruelty 
From January 20, 2009 - No longer "Master of their domains" 
From November 6, 2008 - Digby Courier article about trial wrapping up November 5, 2008 
From August 11, 2006 - Dog Virus Outbreak in Halifax, Annapolis County 
From July 26, 2008 - Woman under investigation for selling dying puppies
"PuppiesRDead" - news article from Digby, Nova Scotia newspaper - you've GOT TO love the title!
From 2003 - "Pet Buyers beware: Know your sellers - dogs bought in recent weeks sick, flea ridden, sick, woman says" - about a woman in the "Digby area" selling sick dogs - from 2003!
From 2002 - "Digby County Dog Abuser kicks up fuss at Courthouse; Couple must pay $2300 in vet bills, fines, banned from owning animals"
From 2003 - "Animal Cruelty Charges Dismissed"
From 2001 - "Dogs were cold, wet, hungry vet testifies"
From 2007 - "SPCA on lookout after Puppy Seizure"

Friday, January 27, 2017

Gail Benoit sentenced for selling kittens without a health certificate

Gail Benoit was sentenced for selling a kitten without a health certificate in court today.

Judge Flora Buchan granted everything that the prosecutors suggested - it's too bad they didn't suggest more - but this is what she sentenced to:

- one year of probation
- prohibited from possessing or having control of any animals for a period of five years
- the judge granted an exception to the ban that will allow Benoit to keep her three pet dogs, providing microchips are implanted in the animals and they are examined by a veterinarian within 30 days and then on an annual basis.

 Under the prohibition order, Nova Scotia SPCA inspectors are permitted to show up at Benoit’s residence unannounced without a warrant to check on her pets.

 It's interesting that in court it was mentioned that Benoit has 20 previous convictions, including six for breaching court orders.

 So she's had quite a lot of interaction with the court system - it's included charges of animal cruelty, along with charges of assault on an animal cruelty officer - as well as being charged with stealing dogs and also charges for stealing a person's wallet.

 It's too bad that one of the more serious things she did - taking advantage of an elderly woman and stealing her money - she was never charged for - because the woman has dementia, so she couldn't testify in court - so she was never charged for any crime.

 So with this sentence - Gail Benoit shouldn't be able to sell any animals for the next five years - so this blog should go silent until at least January 2022.

 There are other puppy flippers in Nova Scotia that we keep track of - this blog was started because we wanted people to be educated when they were searching for the next canine companion and when you googled "Gail Benoit" nothing came up - that was 2007 - now everyone in Nova Scotia knows who she is - but they don't necessarily know what a dog or puppy flipper is.

 If you are looking for the best way to get your next dog so that they'll be the happiest and best dog - you need to do good research - if you can meet both parents - and they are healthy and happy - that's the #1 best way that you'll know your puppy will grow up and be happy and healthy. Decide on how much you're going to want to interact with your dog - do you mostly want to hang out on the couch or do you want to do things with them?

 There's a breed for every kind of activity you want - spend some time on the internet figuring that out. If you want to rescue a dog - but you want a certain breed - every breed has a breed rescue - contact that breed's rescue - you're killing 2 birds with one stone!

 Whatever you do - don't agree to meet a person in a parking lot to buy a puppy - you will be giving yourself a lifetime of heart ache - like Gail Benoit did to tens of thousands of people - thankfully that has now come to an end.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Gail Benoit to be sentenced for selling kittens without a health certificate January 27th, 2017

In November 2016 Gail Benoit was convicted under the Nova Scotia's Animal Protection Act for failing to provide a health certificate for 2 kittens she sold as well as for refusing to give information to a peace officer to inspector - for 2 kittens that she sold as "himalayan" kittens but that turned out to be normal mixed breed kittens.

Today - January 12, 2017 she was supposed to be sentenced but for some reason the judge decided he needed more time so the sentencing was moved until January 27th 2017.

It was dispappointing to hear that all the crown is looking for is "a 12-month suspended sentence and a five-year ban on owning animals but would allow her to keep the three dogs she currently has." which is being reported on facebook from a person someone who was in the court room.  Advocates were hoping that she'd get a lifetime ban on possessing animals after her decades long negative interactions with animals - but one guesses that it's going to take more dead animals for this to happen.

It was also said that in the courtroom this blog was talked about - and taken as fact that the public have been harassing her because it exists.

This blog - - has existed for eight years - one would think that if the subject of this blog - Gail Benoit - who has known about the blog since the beginning - would have done something about this blog - a lot sooner than now - maybe eight years ago maybe - if they were so bothered by it.

This blog only has factual material on it - reposting of news articles that exist elesewhere - and hardly can be considered harassing.  If that were the case - then every journalist who has ever written a news article about her would also be considered to be harassing her as well.

This blog is simply an agregator of information that exists elsewhere on the internet on the subject of Gail Benoit.  Nothing more, nothing less.  And will continue to exist.  And will continue to be updated as long as articles on the internet appear about the subject of this blog.