Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy Gail Benoit Month!

 Her long held prohibition on owning, selling or otherwise having anything to do with animals is over in January 2022!

So she will be allowed to go back and do whatever she wants again with animals - even travel down to the States and get dogs like every other rescue/dog broker is currently doing - we’ll see what happens with that but she’d be absolutely stupid to not buy a van and start bringing up dogs from the States and do exactly what all the other dog brokers are currently doing - so welcome to 2022 Ms Benoit - 

it’s going to be a good year for you I’d imagine!

Watch out for the website - there’s currently nothing there but it will be retooled and will be talking about all the dog brokers / rescues that have been started since Ms Benoit disappeared- dog brokers like oops Puppies and the NS SPCA and other importing rescues - it will be a must read - so stay tuned 😊

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